News 31.07.2008
Team Plätzer

After St. Moritz: Virus, tired, sun & rain

On the way back home from St. Moritz my throat didn't feel good. The next morning I saw a doctor and he told me I had a virus. He told me to take it easy for a few days and then I would be fine. No risk before the Olympics! Therefore I just walked an easy 3.000m at the Nationals the day after.

I was tired from the altitude camp so some easy days would do good. Normally I feel good the first days after altitude and then I have 5-6 days where I feel bad in training.

This time I felt bad for almost two weeks! Probably a combination of being tired after the training camp and having the virus. The last few days have gone better. My training is coming along and now I am starting to look forward to go to China for the Olympics.

Tuesday last week I flew to Oslo together with my brother Erik and coach Stephan to pick up our Olympic gear from Olympiatoppen (NOR NOC Elite sports program). It was a lot of stuff and my opinion is that they have done a good job this time :-)

The first 2 weeks after we got back home from altitude we have had perfect weather! 25-31 degrees, humidity between 60 and 75 and sun, sun, sun! Of course it's not so easy to train under these conditions, but it has been the best way to prepare for the Olympics. The last couple of days we have had colder weather with rain again and that has probably been good - now I can recover from the heat at home in Norway and be ready for what will come in China :-)

On Sunday (3rd of Aug.) my brother Erik Tysse and our coach Stephan Plätzer will go to China, I will stay home a few more days before I go to China next Friday (8th of August). When I arrive in Beijing on the 9th. I will go to our pre camp in Tianjin and stay there until the 13th. of August. From then on I will be in the Olympic Village in Beijing.

I will do my best to update everyone as often as I can during my stay in China.

Team Plätzer is ready for Olympics

Training in the sun
Training in the rain
Photo's: ©Dag Gaassand


©Kjersti Tysse Plätzer