News 16.03.2008
Team Plätzer
Tired after Mexico

Since we are back from the Challenge race in Chihuahua I have been very tired. Now I feel that I have been training much for four weeks at altitude, and that I did a competition in the middle of the camp. I had already been training three weeks at altitude before the trip to Mexico and I was already getting tired then.

This last week my legs have been very heavy, but still I have been able to train well. I have done two fartlek and two long sessions. After the race last Saturday I did an easier fartlek on Wednesday instead of a hard one on Tuesday like I normally would have done. It has been good to be here to train for more than a month, but now it will also be nice to go back home on Tuesday.

Last Sunday Ines Henriques, Susana Feitor and their coach Jorge Miguel (Portugal) came to Flagstaff straight from Mexico. On Tuesday Luke Adams (Australia) followed, Nathan Deakes was also supposed to come up here with Luke, but he decided to wait some more days to be 100% fit before he goes to altitude. He is scheduled to come up here on Monday. Yesterday Sabine Zimmer and Bastian Kranz (Germany) went home after four weeks of altitude training in Flagstaff. Tim Seaman (USA) and Rachel Lavallee (Canada) have been here for the last three weeks, they will leave Flagstaff today. Kevin Eastler (USA) lives at altitude in Denver, he visited us for some days, too. Lauren Forgues, a young US walker, stayed here together with us during her spring break. She came up here to learn and to see how four of the best girls in the world train.

Sebastian and Kiara have been together with us during the whole training camp. Kiara went to school here in Flagstaff. For the last four weeks she was allowed to join the 6th grade at Pine Forest Charter School and she loved it! We are very thankful that she was allowed to go to school together with the 6th grade and that they took good care of her. She has learned a lot and her english has become much better :-)

Dr. Art Wilson is a Professor at the NAU here in Flagstaff and he loves Athletics. He lives in the living area where we rent our condo and where we train. We have had many nice conversations with him during this camp and he has taken many nice pictures of us. Thank you so much Art!

All photos below: ©Art Wilson

3 Coaches, Heiko Schulze, Jorge Miguel and Stephan Plätzer

Training in the snow with Tim Seaman

Erik without a cap, must be warm :-)

Rachel and Kiara


The runners from Wattenscheid/GER and me

Kevin is race walking again :-)


Sebastian, Stephan & Kiara

Erik during a hard workout

Working hard

Susana and Ines, with Kevin and Lauren behind

©Kjersti Tysse Plätzer