News 10.06.2007
Team Plätzer
Warm Nordic & Norwegian Championships in Strandebarm, Norway

In Team Plätzer we were happy that the Nordic and the Norwegian Championships were arranged together. This year Norway was the host of the Nordic Championship and the competition was held in Strandebarm, a small place at the famous Hardangerfjord, on Friday. On Sunday it was time for the Norwegian Championship 10.000m Men and 5.000m Women. The track is located with a view to the fjord and the mountains. The sun was shining and it was 28-30 degrees Celsius. It was beautiful there, Norway in a nutshell!!

On Friday the Men's 20km race started at 4pm and the Women's 10km at 6pm. They had made a 1km loop, 500m around the track and 500m extra on the road to the track. Erik Tysse and Trond Nymark represented Norway in the race. Erik was the big favorite and he showed why. From the first meter he walked alone. His lead on Trond Nymark and the rest of the field was just getting bigger and bigger every lap. At 14km Erik had lapped all his competitors! He won the race easy in 1.22:03.

Our race started slow. I walked together with Monica Svensson from Sweden for 1,5km, then I decided to walk faster. I wanted to have a good training in the heat and my goal was to walk a 45 minutes time. I passed 5km in 22:51, I felt controlled and just wanted to finnish the last 5km in 22:30. Just after 7km I started to feel my left hamstring tightening. 200m later it got better, but at 7,5km it pulled hard in the hamstring and I had to stop. I tried to race walk slow to see if I could finish the race. I was leading with more than one km, so I had no rush, but it was not possible for me to stretch my leg. Therefore I stopped the race. I was afraid that I had pulled the hamstring! I walk slowly back to the stadium and there I got ice and a compress for my leg. There was no Red Cross or medical personnel at the stadium, but the Finish team had a physio. She helped me out and checked my leg. She thought that it was "just" a cramp, but send me to my regular physio and Osteopath for further control. I saw him yesterday. He decided to treat the hamstring as if I had pulled some fibres. I have to rest for 72 hours and then I will see him again on Monday. I will not take any risks and stress this injury. I will do what I am told and take it easy.

Results Friday the 8th of June:

Men, 20 km

Nordic Championship:

1) Erik Tysse, NOR 1.22.03, 2) Trond Nymark, NOR 1.27.50, 3) Jani Lehtinen, FIN 1.37.46, 4) Timo Viljanen, FIN 1.40.14, 5) Anders Wahlström, SWE 1.43.15.

Norwegian Championship:

1) Tysse, Norna Salhus 2) Nymark, Viking 3) Erling Andersen, Søfteland 1.53:.

Women, 10 km

Nordic Championship:

1) Jaana Eskelinen, FIN 52.01, 2) Ellinior Hogrell, SWE 54.38, 3) Hanne Liland, NOR 55.02, Dq: Monica Svensson, SWE, Dnf: Kjersti Plätzer, NOR

Norwegian Championship:

1) Hanne Liland, Viking

Results Sunday the 10th of June:

10.000m Men, Norwegian Championship

1) Erik Tysse, Norna Salhus 40:13, 2) Trond Nymark, Viking 42:05, 3) Bjørn Ove Ølness, Søfteland, 50:00


Monica and I

Nice view from the course


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