News 19.04.2007
Team Plätzer

IAAF Race Walking Challenge in Rio Maior, Portugal

Erik stayed in Germany until the 12th of April. He flew directly to Portugal to compete in the IAAF Challenge Race in Rio Maior on the 14th. Stephan and I flew down from Norway on the same day. On the plane to Lisbon I got some problems with my back and I was worried for the race. Training went ok though, I was just stiff until my muscles got warm. On Friday I got a massage from Joao the massage therapist at the training center in Rio Maior. He did a good job, my back was better but still not 100%. Therefore I went to see Susana Feitor's physiotherapist in the evening. Her name is also Susana, and she fixed the blockations I had in my back. She did a good job, too. I felt much better after that. The next morning I did my normal Easy Warm Up and some stretching and I felt that I would be fine for the race later in the afternoon. I really looked forward to do the race. First of all because I could match a really strong field and because I had never raced in Rio Maior before. The race started a bit like I expected. Nobody really wanted to push the pace. Melanie Seeger took the lead in the beginning but the laps where more than 9 minutes on the 2k course. The leading group was with Melanie Seeger (GER), Rita Turava (BLR), Claudia Stef (ROM), the hometown favorite Susana Feitor (POR) and myself. Not far behind at the 5k mark, Sabine Zimmer (GER), Elisa Rigaudo (ITA), Maria Vasco (ESP) and Jane Saville (AUS). At about 8k Rita Turava made her move and got a 23 second lead until the 10k mark, in front of Melanie Seeger, Susana Feitor and myself. The 10k split for us was 44.58. I felt good although my back gave me some problems with my technique and stride. This day was definetely not 100%. But I came to Rio Maior to do a good race and to fight. So I decided to make my move and pushed the pace down to 8.38/2k. At the 15k mark I was 31 seconds behind Rita Turava, but 23 seconds ahead of Melanie Seeger who was on bronze position. And I still felt good. From now on I just controlled my pace and heartrate. I knew today there was no chance to beat Rita Turava and I was happy to be able to finish this race in second place. My time of 1.28.53 was quite good considering the backproblems I had that day.

The day became even better when I saw that my brother Erik became third in 1.20.56 and also made it on the podium. This is the first time we both made it on the podium at the same challenge race. Ivano Brugnetti (ITA) won the race in 1.20.21 and Luke Adams (AUS) finished six seconds ahead of Erik in 1.20.50.

Top-6 RESULTS Rio Maior, Portugal

Men 20km

1. Ivano Brugnetti ITA 1:20:21
2. Luke Adams AUS 1:20:50
3. Erik Tysse NOR 1:20:56
4. Andre Höhne GER 1:21:04
5. Benjamin Sanchez ESP 1:21:21
6. Rafal Augustyn POL 1:22:49

Nr. 1, 2 & 3 Men and Nr. 2 & 3 Women are all Alkasport

Women 20km

1. Ryta Turava BLR 1:28:01
2. Kjersti Plätzer NOR 1:28:53
3. Melanie Sieger GER 1:29:32
4. Sabine Zimmer GER 1:30:12
5. Elisa Rigaudo ITA 1:30:42
6. Jane Saville AUS 1:30:53

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IAAF Race Walking Challenge standings

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