News 07.04.2007
Team Plätzer

March Summary

March has been a busy month of training and traveling. Most part of the month we stayed in Flagstaff for altitude training. As always we enjoyed being there, training well and recovering good! This time we were very lucky with the weather. As always we had a lot of sun, but this time it was also nice and warm. More than one week with over 20 degrees Celsius!! Some days the temperature came up to a new record high for Flagstaff.

It was also nice to be in a training camp together with Susana Feitor, Ines Henriques and Sabine Zimmer. We didn't always train together, but mostly we trained at the same place. And Jorge Miguel, coach of Susana and Ines, got to see Flagstaff from its best side :-)

Susana, Ines, Jorge Miguel, Heiko Schulze and I also took a short trip to Mexico for the IAAF Race walking Challenge Race in Naucalpan (10.03.). For me it was a successful trip. I stuck to Stephan's plan and followed his instructions on what heart rate level to walk on the first 10-12km and how to race!! As "cheap" as possible.... I was very happy with the pace Susana put on for the group. We started the first 4 laps at 9.18-9.20. Just perfect to stay under the IAAF A-standard to get points for the Challenge. I tried to keep the tempo just under 9.20 for the next laps too, but Jane Saville pushed the pace a little. I felt good and put on a little bit more pressure to walk a little bit faster. At 14km I decided to push more and then I walked alone in the lead :-) Still I was very careful, because I had fresh in mind how both my races in Tijuana, Mexico, in March 2003 and 2004 had ended: SLOW the last 4km... Therefore I tried to walk as smart as possible and at 17km I felt that my lead was big enough to win. From there I tried to walk as "cheap" as possible. To win in 1.32:30 at altitude in front of a lot of friends from Mexico was really nice, I even had tears in my eyes walking the last 100m :-)

Back in Flagstaff I took it easy for three days and then I was back in to normal training. I could finish the training camp like we planned, and we were very happy with the altitude camp!

Due to a cancelled flight from Chicago to Copenhagen, we had a long travel back home. We had to stay overnight in Chicago and the next day we flew with Air India (!) to Frankfurt and then further to Norway. The trip took 50 hours..

The last Sunday of March (24.03.) we had a local race in Søfteland. It was the "Annual ER-AN Season Opening Race" both Erik and I walked 10km. Erik didn't have a good day after altitude, but still he walked 39:23!! I felt good and just walked faster and faster. I walked 42:51 and was surprised that I could do it, this short after altitude and with the long travel back home.

We had one week of sunny weather at home, perfect for good training!

©Kjersti Tysse Plätzer