NEWS 21.09.2006
Team Plätzer

After 19.46 .....

It took 12 days after Hildesheim before I started to feel normal again. I was very tired after the 5km world best and my legs were just empty! Two days after the race I woke up in the morning and I had sore muscles on the strangest places, my neck, my throat my lower abdominal muscles and my shoulders. Many people asked me how my legs were, but they were actually not to bad. At least they didn't hurt, but it was like if they didn't want to do what I wanted them to. I had no energy left from my hips and down. I felt like if my body was split in two. The upper body with a lot of sore muscles, but still working normal. And then my legs... they were just dead!

After almost two weeks I felt that my body was recovered. Everyday was a little better. I started to look forward to race at the Nordic Championships in Turku, Finland on the 16th and in Krakow, Poland on the 17th of September. In the week before these two races I was finally able to do some harder workouts again. I felt good and I was happy to be back in normal training.

But then on Wednesday evening I was playing around and dancing with Kiara. Suddenly it said bang in a muscle in my right thigh, it was to much twisting for my cold muscles! In the beginning it just felt a little sore, but then it just got worse and worse. I put on ice, some creams and all the Phiten products I could wear. Next morning I had even more pain and I had problems standing on my right leg. I went to the doctor and we both were afraid that it was a rupture. He scheduled me for a MR for Friday. Thursday evening I went home to our Osteopathic therapist for treatment. I also got acupuncture. Next morning I got better and better. Then the MR showed that it was no rupture. :-) I had another treatment at the Osteopath (Jo) and he was happy about my fast recover. I had kept on all the Phiten products the whole time. Jo told me to take some hours rest after the treatment before I went out to try to race walk. He wanted me to test my thigh and to see how it would react on speed, turning points and quick curves. I started really slow and just increased my speed for 5km. Then I walked 2,5km with changing of speed and then I warmed down for 2,5km. It went fine, I was sore in the beginning, but felt better and better. After the training I had to wait two hours to see how my leg would react. It felt fine, actually I felt better after training than before :-) I talked to Jo again and he gave me a green light to race.

It was already 9 o'clock in the evening and I couldn't find any possibilities to get to Turku fast enough to race there next day at noon. I was sad about that, because I always race good in Finland.

©Kjersti Tysse Plätzer