NEWS 28.08.2006
Team Plätzer

Hildesheim, my second walking home!

I feel always very well in Hildesheim in Germany. This time I was very nervous before the race and I was building up a lot of pressure on my self. I wanted to win and I wanted to walk fast. I was absolutely not sure if I would win and I was not sure how fast I could walk. But what I definitely knew was that on the hilly course in Hildesheim it would be very important not to walk to fast the first lap of 500m. Last time I tried to walk the 5km world best in Hildesheim (2003) we started to fast (1.54 at 500m) and I couldn't walk fast enough the last four laps. I ended up with my personal best in 20:08, just 3 seconds behind the world best time of 20:05.

For many years I have had the dream to walk under 20 minutes. The organizers of the Geher Cup in Hildesheim announced that this year would be the last time the race would take place. Therefore I felt that I just had to try for the record and maybe break 20 minutes :-) I love to walk in Hildesheim, because the course is good for me and I have never had better spectators anywhere in the world.

We had perfect conditions for the race on Sunday afternoon: 18 degrees celsius, sun and a little wind that came from the perfect direction. We had tailwind up the hill :-)

This year we finally managed not to walk to fast the first lap. I had 2:04 for the first lap, I felt fine and I thought: OK, Kjersti, now you have to go! I pushed the pace down to 1:56 laps and then I managed to keep my laps between 1:57 and 1:59. I was happy for every lap I managed to walk under 2 minutes. I just felt fantastic and I stayed focused through the whole race. My only thought was to push, push, push. The last 4 laps (2km) were really hard. I still don't know how I managed to walk the last 100m uphill to the finish line. But the spectators were fantastic, like always in Hildesheim! They carried me every lap up the hill and they pushed me to keep my pace. When I crossed the finish line I was very happy. I was not sure about my time, but I just knew that my last lap still was fast and that I became the first women ever to break 20 minutes. 19:46 is just fantastic and I am very proud. I was very tired and I needed assistance after I finished the race. My legs couldn't carry me anymore. I used two minutes just to walk 50m to get to my bag so I could change to dry clothes. I had headache for three hours after the race and I didn't sleep much during the night. My body was to tired and it was working hard to recover.


During our warm up there was a masters race where former world class walkers like, Robert Korzeniowski, Jordi Jopart and Ron Weigel took part. It looked like if they had fun racing again :-) They all still had very good technique and it was easy to see that they all used to be very good race walkers.


My brother Erik Tysse has a nickname: The Rocket. In Hildesheim he proved that he earns it. He started like a rocket and pushed the pace from the beginning. Yohan Diniz, European Champion on 50km this year, took over the lead for a lap, but then got problems when Erik again took over the lead. The only one to follow Erik was the big favorite Ilia Markov from Russia. Earlier in the week when Erik heard that Ilia would come to Hildesheim he got even more motivation. He told me that it was time to finally finish a race in front of Markov and not just some seconds behind! During the race he really showed that he wanted to win, and to win he had to walk fast. At 6 km Markov started to struggle and Erik pushed the pace down to 1.50 for one lap and he got a 5m lead on him. For every lap the lead increased and Erik was able to keep steady laps on 1:52-1:53 all the way through the rest of the race. He won the 10km in 37:33, 48 seconds ahead of Ilia Markov.

Stephan thank you for being such a good coach. I am proud of you!


A nice poster of me hanging at the market square in Hildesheim!
Historical houses at the start/finish area!
During my 5km world best race
Here I just crossed the finish line in 19:46!!
Here Erik is pushing the pace in the men's 10km race, and Ilia Markov can't follow.

The Masters race where Robert Korzeniowski had fun racing together with other former race walkers

©Kjersti Tysse Plätzer